Tuesday, November 02, 2004

nothing...just bored.

I'm so mad at my self I meant to write this yesterday....Did yall know in California (I don't know about these other states)you can legally get paid for up to two hours for leaving to go vote on voting day? Its CA Election Code #14001 that says that if a person will not have sufficient time to go vote after work that they should be allotted two hours either before or after work. It can not exceed two hours (Black people....)and if you have a shit head of an employer you may have to give 24 hour notice....just so yall know...I guess for next time....there's only four hours left in Cali....

what's up with Jay-Z and R. Kelly? Why are they hatin' on my viewing pleasure of the both of them? A sista already had her outfit laid out. I heard something about paper spray? and R.Kelly getting more money? all I know is I gots a ticket that's worthless. I don't want to see Jay-Z by himself.

Two more days til I start my new job.

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