Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Just checking in.

So much is going on in my little life!!!!

1. Muq and I den had an arguement. The heffa thinks somebody's trying to jip her out some money. I make more than she makes in a week in one day, now why would I want to take money from her?

2. I met someone. He's nice. He's a girls basketball coach. But I think I'm starting to distance myself for fear of having what always happens to me happen.

3. My is about to be two in one WEEK!!!! I'm getsten old. I'm going to have her birthday party on Sunday.

4. My sister and I call ourselves cooking for Thanksgiving we'll see how that goes.

5. My little cousin is 16...I'm getsten real old.

6. My baby daddy think he den did something cause he brought My some shoes, the first time in a whole two years he den did something and folks supposed to drop everything to come run and see.

7. The new job is cool I guess. I don't particularly like my first group of students, my 1pm to 5pm students. they've got attitudes and they don't want to do any work. My second group is a really good group of students. They come to learn and that's all they're concerned about.

8. I get my first paycheck tommorrow!!!!!!!

9. My caught a cold from my nephew Jay and she gave it to me...so I think I'm going to be sick.

10. I started using the patch. It itches.

Ok that's it I got to go make some copies before my class starts...HOLLA!

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