Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Day 3. On the bus.

Yesterday was mad! I decided to catch all the trains home. It saved me time. It's just the buses from daycare to home was a hatin on me.

+5:00 pm got ride from Kamasutra to the train station.
+5:10 pm The yellow train arrived.
+5:35 pm Got off Yellow train caught red train.
+5:40 pm Got off red train got on blue train.
+6:15 pm Got off blue train got on Green train.
+6:25 pm Got of Green train. Walked five blocks because I didn't know that I could catch pm the bus from the Green Station
+6:30 pm Felt like an idiot when got on bus and saw other passengers that were on Green train.
+6:35 pm Got off bus and walked to My's daycare.
+6:40 pm Picked up My and Walked four blocks to a main street so no one would kidnapp us.
+7:20 pm The bus finally arrived.
+7:35 pm got off bus, waiting for next bus.
+8:00 pm Bus arrived
+8:10 pm Got off bus. walk the three blocks to my hizzy.
+8:15 pm arrived at home.

Not much happened when we got home.

Some guy, O, I met a the club last week (the first time I went out with Kita) called me. He and I went to high school together, I don't remember him but he knows me and J.A.C.K.S.B.E. (my homies) and he used to kick it at the "domino tables" and the "pole" like I used to. He was a "Good Fella", the only other clique that my clique "LP's" (Low profile) even hung with. He even knew my homeboy Steven Pringle-R.I.P. and I'm trippin cause I don't remember him a bit.

I looked in my yearbook from my pimpmore year (the year he graduated) and he's not in there. But all my homies know him, when I asked them...strange....I have selective abnesia when it comes to people in high school.

Some other guy called me too, that I met on Friday when I was walking from the club to the car. He went to a high school close to mine and he knows all kind of folks I know.

It's crazy that I'm meeting all this flash back to high school folks.

My sorority sister is supposed to pick me up today!! So that I won't have to ride no public transportation. Instead I get to roll with her in her BRIGHT RED 2004 Mercedes Benz...and feel sad because I wish it was mine...the irony....

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