Wednesday, September 08, 2004

yes sir.

Last nite My and I went grocery shopping. She was good...finally. I think it was because the grocery store was air conditioned. I spent 55.00 on food. I am so sick of being poor.

When I got home, it was about 8 and I had a message from Hernandez that says :"If you loved me you would be home." I called his ass and told him "If you loved me you would have called me one time in the last three days." I give up on men. I think I am going to be asexual now. Without sex. I'll date myself and send my self flowers and by myself cute little grandfather always says 'if you don't want to talk to yourself, then why should anyone else want to' so the same should go for dating 'if i can't date me why should anyone else?'

Hernandez and I talked for a bit. He told me some story about how his phone was cut off and how he was pissed about it and all and that he went to go visit his "peeps" in Lancaster. Whatever the fuck that means? Is it destined for me to pick up all the liars?

I know that I'm crazy becuase I finding all these little coincidences in my conversations with Hernandez and with Sony Studios... If I found out that something was going on btwn the two of them I'd be in jail. I think a friend stealing or dating someone you're talking to is the ultimate "no no."

Example 1.
I owe Sony studios $40.00 so she called me on friday to see if I was home to come through and pick up the $. I wasn't there so she left a message saying that she was on her way to see her friend in Hawthorne. Which it could be just a funny little thing that happend that Hernandez lives in Hawthorne, but it's the way she said "Hawthorne" like she was taunting me sort of. Maybe I read to much into things but... that's not the only thing.

Example 2.
I was telling her about the Mariachi band at dinner (Hernandez had the mariachi band sing happy birthday to me at this resturant when it wasn't my birthday) and the next time I talked to him he just kept talking about the Marachi band.

Example 3.
This other time they called me within minutes of each other.

Example 4.
I know on the boat I could tell that he thought she was pretty. You know how you just know those things. There was no time that he could've gotten her number or he hers; but, I know that they have each other's numbers because, stupid ass me being all innocent and unsuspecting used his cellphone to call her cellphone to tell her that we couldn't find the dock number that she had given us. then she called us back on his cellphone to tell us where the place was at. So they have each others numbers. So nothing stops them from just callin each other up. Then later that nite he picks up his phone and realizes that it was off, laughs at whatever message is on the phone and then looks up at me suspiciously.

I know I''m crazy. I've been cheated on too many times not to be and maybe these are all coincidences but if they aren't I'ma be beatin some Belizean asses come round bout here.

My home girl amblina (Sony Studios' twin) burned her eye with a flat iron today. No lie. She went to the hospital this morning. The doctor's said she needs to come back tommorrow. She has a patch. What I don't understand is how do you burn your eye with a flat iron?

I talked to ambo for like 90023082 minutes yesterday. She lives in "Sacrabama" and we sometimes just need to sit on the phone and laugh with each other for hours. I love her she's my girl.

Von called me yesterday and he and I are so compatible. I like him. he's not that cute, if I remember correctly but he's a really sweet guy.

My's dad called me last night talking about he wants to try to pick My up twice a week from now on. So that he can prove that he's a "responsible person" I don't know...I was suppsoed to call him this morning but somehow I forgot...... hummm....

Hernandez called me again this morning to tell me that he wanted me to have a blessed day. ...I'm not so sure if it made me feel all warm and fuzzy because I'm too busy feelin suspicious of him. Lord please take the crazy out of me.... LOL at myself.

I'm going to Halloween Hunt!!!!! NahNahNuhNahNuh!!

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jirzygurl said...

see I have the tendency to read into things like that too but trust your instincts... If your gut is telling you something is up then it probably is! I don't think you should be h-ll bent on catching them but don't dismiss the "coincidences" either.