Friday, September 03, 2004

"what ever you like..."

the circus was great.

ever think about the fact that these people would never have a job if it wasn't for the circus. Where would all these twisty bodied people work? all these strange talent havin ass folks...

hernandez, My and i had so much fun.

he is too cute. With his beige linen shirt on and beige boots and beige trimmed jeans. he looked so handsome. I really got a chance to just photograph his face into my mind...he is beautiful.

Like four people said "your husband" to me last night. My dropped her shoe and the lady next to me said "you should get your husband to see if he can get the ushers to get it" I smiled and just excepted her assumption...another lady said to us "you are just the cutest couple with the cutest baby"...another said "tell your husband that your daughter looks just like him"...i even saw this lady that my mom used to do her hair, the last time i saw her was the week before I had My, i was just a skinny little pregnant girl. she says to me last night "are you two married yet?" Hernandez just smiled and took the compliments graciously. He didn't correct anyone and he didn't mention the comedy in the comments to me later.

I'm generally the girl that gets geeked like this. But I sincerely like him. I could care less, normally, if someone thinks we look cute together. But this time I know we do. I normally would have quickly correct the mistake and made his ass know that this shit is just temporary. But this time I don't want temporary. I normally wouldn't have remembered that someone had called him my husband. But this time I wished it was true. I normally would not have written any girly fu fu shit like this down for the whole damn world to i falling?

He is so cute. so cute that i sometimes feel anxious when we're out togther. i feel as if i'm that chic that people are saying 'whys he with her?'...i know, i know it's a self esteem issue. i think it's even a light skin/dark skin issue too. slavery days has really fucked our people up. got us chocolate folks on some i-hate-myself type shit. and got yellow folks on some i-got-to-be-extra-ghetto-to-prove-i'm-black or i'm-better-than-ya'll type shit. i know that. i have to learn to say to myself...he's with me, if he wanted to be somewhere else he would be... but i can help but to think...why is he with me? could it be the activities that we finally par took in after the circus?

cus if that's why...then i'm actually down with it... ain't not a damn thing wrong with the way a brothas tongue had sista was feelin last night. chile, lord please....

On that note:
does it have to be sexual intercourse, for one to be able to say she got some? What if it was just an ..."even exchange"? does that count? does it have to be penetration for you to be able to say I got "d"? or am I restricted to saying I'm still a mojave dessert off up in here? well whatever the case...last nights escapade was wonderous....

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