Friday, September 17, 2004

"...until it goes 'click'..."

if you've ever seen that film "The Big Labowski" you get the title.

Did anyone see the season finale of "The Player"? What the hell is up with that fake ass shit? The show was fine until that shit. I was emped that Acie won and loved that he got the geeded ass truck but the ending sucked ass.

On Tuesday, I called Hernandez and told him that I get the picture, I know when someone doesn't have time for me. So the next morning he calls me at 6:45am. I was in the shower so I didn't get the phone and he didn't leave a message. On my morning break I called him and he's all "are you mad at me?" I say "no" but I know the truth. He says "well look this is what I'm going to do, I'm going to get off work, go home and shower and come to your house, ok?" I say "fine".

When work is over he's already called me before I got there. He's all trying to get on the good side. I'm cooking when he gets to my house. In the back of my head I'm thinking that I don't want him to eat. He didnt. We sat around and watched "The Playa" and "The World Music Awards". All was love.

Guess who called me while he was there? MC!!! My love!!!! I tell him I got hit him back because I have company...Yeah I'm a 'G'!...then CRAZYCHRIS calls me...they were hatin on my lovely evening I guess.

Anyways after My went to sleep, we began with the kisses!!!!! Nothing else the buck stopped there. He got to second base, but that's it. He ended up leaving aroung five to eleven.

After he left I called MC back. We talked for a minute and it took me back. He askes me if I have to work the next day then if my cellphone is in action. He's all I want to love you and leave you again. I'm not falling for it. Then he tells me, "That's your problem. You think everybody's a player like you..."

CRAZYCHRIS invited me to go to dinner with him tonight so I'm going!!!Well see if I'm still sane on Monday.

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