Monday, September 20, 2004

A tinge of bi-polar Mania...

friday night i went on a date with CRAZYCHRIS and he wasn't the one acting crazy. It was me. I turned into some crazy psycho woman right before my own eyes. i've never felt or sensed those feeling from myself before...i should seek advice from a qualified specialist.

We went to this Japanese resturant for his friends girlfriends birthday. We got there late..because he's always late. and It was very nice. The girl's name was E and she was turning 26. She and her boyfriend seemed to have such a lovely relationship. They were so loving and affectionate. It was really sweet to see two people have that type of connection. I was slightly jealous and yet proud to see an African American couple enjoying themselves like this.

We'll CRAZYCHRIS ordered hot sachi (is that the way you spell it?) and I drank it of course because I'm an alcoholic. he and I shared to full bottles of hot sachi. WHOA! a sista was feeling good.

We left the resturant and went to this club called 9000 on Sunset. E is half Persian and Black, so all of her homegirls are Persian and we went to a Persian club that played hip hop....the world is evolving so.

It was pretty hot. The bar was on fire. Literally. you have to reach across the fire to get your drinks.

When we got there CRAZYCHRIS brought me an Incredible Hulk and i was feeling straight. I danced and had a good ole time.

Then CRAZYCHRIS and his homeboy went to go smoke in the parking lot and I was left with these women who I did not know. They were turned out to be cool though. E's bestfriend Mi brought us a round of drinks. In one glass was a damn half a glass of Vodka grey goose, which we all drank as a shot and some burgandy shit that I thought was a chaser of Cranberry Juice for the Vodka but it was some Persian shit that made me nipples tingle.

Some fine ass Persian men tried to get at me. I got one guys number only because he was inviting us to some party next weekend and that he'd hook me up on the price of admit.

I was on super fadded status when we left the club at 2. We went to my house and you know what liquor does...causes you to loose your damn mind. Chris and I are kissing and "petting" way beyond 2nd base and this dude looses his erection completely. I mean for all my hard work there was not a damn thing going on. SO I'm horny, hot, wet and chemically turned on due to the alcohol and he's telling me so what. He's going to sleep.

SO Jenny, beinging who Jenny is, I went the hell off. I told his ass that "he's killing the best damn evening I ever had with his ass" (REALLY). An orgasm would have been the ultimate way to end that evening. SO he tells me "so what go to sleep." I then tell his ass (you have to remember that i have decades of history with this dude. I've been knowing him since I was 14) that "this is the reason why he and I will never be in a relationship; because, he is only concerned with his self" (which is true, I can start with the example that as long as I've known him he always breaks up with me right before my birthday in MAY and finds it in his self to forgive me just before September near his birthday) He gets pissed off puts his shoes on and tells me "I am concern with you and I'm tired of trying to prove that to you" and leaves.

Don't forget I'm drunk. I go to my room and lay down. Then I start thinking about hte situation and getting madder and madder I realize that I'm not finished with this arguemen,t so I call his cellphone and he doesn't answer so i call again then again and agian and then he turns his cellphone off. SO this makes the alcohol in my blood boil. I leave him a message saying that if he doesn't answer i'll come over (of course, I had no intentions on going over there. I was drunk but I said it anyway). Now he thinks I'm CRAZYJENNY. I'm still so mad at myself because I don't want to be the crazy one. He's the one that told me when I was twenty that if he caught me cheating he'd kill me. Or that if I ever got married he'd hurt me husband. And now I'm the one left with the crazy on thier forehead.

He didn't call me back until mid-day Sunday while I was at chruch he left me a message telling me, that he still want to help me out by paying my house phone bill like he had promised, but he didn't really want to talk to me. He left the money for me on my door.

I always tell my self not to get involved with him. Everytime this shit happens. We get together then we break up. I hurt him or he hurts me. I told his ass last time don't call me anymore. I really do't need to deal with him. He's the only one that makes me feel absoultely psycho. I think it's part of his game, make the girl feel crazy until she goes crazy.

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Duchess said...

Oh that is terrible. Dont worry girl, who cares what he thinks of you (crazy Jenny), just avoid him completly and find someone that has the entire package. By the way- Persian dudes are the best! My Boyf is Persian and I adore him! but you gotta watch out they are playaz like a mother fucker!