Tuesday, September 14, 2004

my crazy ass dream

last night I had the craziest damn dream.

* first for some unkown reason my mother convinced me to marry my daughter's father, so we get married (in jeans and -shirts) and when the preacher says "kiss the bride" he turns to me all happy-faced and i have my face scrunched up because I don't want to kiss him and he forces me to kiss him.

*then he and I and someone else (I can't remember who) were in a casino in Las Vegas. He buys me a drink (which is absurd because this man can't afford to pay attention)and i can tell he is trying to get me drunk.

*He then says "stay right here" and goes into another room of the casino. I follow him but I can't find him. I keep looking and looking and finally I tell the other person that came with me, "he left me" so some how I get back home.

*I'm in my apartment, but it's like I'm veiwing my apartment from a different perspective. It's evening and everything is dark and gloomy colors (yes I dream in color and no my living room is not dark colors I have a beige couch, brownish tan carpet, red rug, red pillows, orange, gold and red pictures, red vases, orange and red lamps, red and orange rocks, red candles...you get the point it's not dark)and I was there alone (I don't know where My was) and suddenly I heard someone come through the front door. I go into the living room and its my daughter's father's friend (who by the way I hate) and some girl. SO I'm looking at them and they say to me "damn, what are you doing here?" I say "I live here" Suddenly the phone rings. I answer it and it's some girl she says "this nigga must be a freak cause he already got a bitch over there" I remember feeling mad and upset.

*Then my daugters dad comes through the door. He and I start cussing at each other. He's telling me 'you're supposed to be in vegas, nobody told you to come home'.

* then I woke up.

Yeah so I'm crazy...yep crazy.

-Von came over last night to watch the football game, but it was on at the same time as girlfriends so a sista had to watch girlfriends. I made burritos and he put the hubcaps on my car. He's like I remembered, not all that cute. but he has the absoulte most beautiful eyes.

-I did not talk to Hernandez. "Two whole nights, and not a word from you. two whole nights, and I'm just about through, I can't take, can't take, can't take it no more, I had about enough of you."

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jirzygurl said...

that dream is scary!! like why were they plottin on you! I would have woke up mad as h_ll!! LOL!