Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've been bambozolded!!!!

how is UPN gon put The Playa on, on a Tuesday instead of the regular scheduled Wednesday? I damn near missed the whole episode!!! I didn't get to see none of the first half!!! And of course, they're not going to show the re-run with the "real" shows starting up next week!! I am so pissed. I have 1/2 a mind to write them a letter! I wanted to see JJ's ex-girlfriend and how Acie is livin' and all i got was ole boring ass what's his name!!!! Now all I can hope for is some flashes of yesterday's episode in the season finale tonight.... So sad.


Anonymous said...

Man! I was upset about that too. I just KNEW I was gonna see the episode from last week again that I missed (half of it anyway). Plus I wanted to see Chino's sexy az one mo'gin. Lord have mercy! that dude is overly sexy, the epitome of a fine-az-mf. I hate them heffas that so say they Dawn friend did her like that, that was jacked up for real. I dont know why ole girl was tripping anyway, when Dawn got finished with Chino she coulda hit that...'sharing is caring'.


Jenny said...

Chyno is fine girl... lord knows he is. I think there has to be some kind of surprise ending where we find out that Ananda is really a spy or some girl they picked off the street; because that heffa is certainly no friend!!!

jirzygurl said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again... Ananda is a HATER!! Anyway I'm glad Acie won and then played Dawn out! HAAAA!!!