Wednesday, September 01, 2004

"it's all about me, me ,me"

we're going to the circus tommorrow!!! I brought the tickets on monday with the $ that Hernandez gave me. I must admit I am excited.... bigsis said that she and the kids had fun, so I'm anticipating having a good time.

my bbd had the nerve to call me at work today to tell me that he decided to move back to cali becuase the guy that he was going to be staying with got married... do i believe that?...not in the least. but he tells me that, he's going back to mississippi in enero/january, to "finish school".

i talked to rickroc yesterday...i could hear his fine-ness over the phone...I have to stop talking to him he's going to break me...

why has the bitch, that i work for, MARSHA FUERST (that is one of the first times I have ever wrote someones real name in my blog) not paid me my damn $? this hoe want a sista to slap some act right into to her....

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