Thursday, September 23, 2004


my friend Amb lives and works in Sacramento AKA Sacra-bama. She and I are the fastest talking, squeakest voice haven people out there. Get us together and you can't understand a damn thing we're saying.

Sometimes she and I stay on the phone for freakin hours. Reading the ridiculousness of each others lives. The other day she and I were on the phone and we had the funniest mix up. It may seem stupid written down but if you were a fly on the wall at either of our apartments you would have been dying.

I said that I was talking to this guy named Ricroc and that she should know him. Because he knows a lot of people we know.

she says "no I don't know him"

I said "yes you do" I then said "do you remember Ayn?" Talking about Ayn the sister of our friend Neo.

she responds, thinking that I am talking about Ian (the philipino boy), and says "yea, I remember Ian" She, of course, is thinking what the hell is wrong with Jenny? she knows that I know who the hell Ian is, we went to school with his ass for four years.

I say" well Ricroc used to go with Ian."

she says "What?" with the sound of shear concern in her voice.

I say "They went know they were talking"

she says "who?"

I say " Ricroc and ayn" I am now thinking what the hell is wrong with Amb, her ass den been in a relationship so long that she don't remember just talking to someone, the hell is her problem?

she says "Ian?"

I say "yes. Ayn!"

she says "Ricroc was talking to Ian?"

I say "yes." we are both a little irritated with each other now.

she says "What?"

I say "RICROC-WAS-TALKING-TO-AYN" like what the fuck is wrong with Amb!

She says "Ian?" like Jenny's dumb ass den got herself into some fucked up ass shit.

I say "yes"

She says "and you're okay with that?"

I say "yeah, they were like in the 6th or 7th grade or something"

she says "what?"

I am now wanting to hurl the damn phone across the room, out the door and up the damn highway up to Sac and hit her in the damn mouth with it. She is about to suggest that i check my crazy-messing-with-bisexual-men-ass into a damn nut house; when I say "Ayn, Naomi's sister".

We both fell out.

yea we're nerds.


-fc- said...

so, I understand youve been were you are right now, and it really sux, just for you to know, if you need someone to talk to... ;)

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Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! That is hilarious!