Monday, August 30, 2004

"Yo quiero Comer"

9 p.m. friday nite -i am dead knocked out sleep. as if i had just ran a marathon. loving the sleep time. my is in her bed snorin away...lovely way to spend a friday.

12:58 a.m. Saturday-Rickroc calls me. Wakes me from my lifeless sleep and invites himself to my house check the convo-
Jen: hey
Rickroc: what are you doing?
Jen: sleepin
Rickroc: Oh, so you want me to come over, aiight then, bye.

So, I jump up and try to do all the things that we chics do before a man comes to visit and about five minutes phone rings its Rickroc- I'm at your door.

so, I have on a pink rag on my hair, a pink "Taking applications" shirt, lime green shorts that have multi-colored poka dots, and pink hello kitty house shoes. I look crazy. But it's all good. He doesn't deserve to se me in all my loveliness. I haven't gotten to see him in almost two months, so he gets to see me lookin toe.

He is looking beu-ti-full!!! Tan snake skin shoes, tan linen pants, tan and beige linen shirt, and a straw hat... I could have drank his ass and just dealt with the hangover... He was lookin way too good.

But I held my ground. Did not have sex with him. We slept in the same bed and did not have sex. As much as I wanted to. We did I wanted to... sexy ass Rickroc...Jesus Help me... I wanted to....

the next morning we went to 'Jack and the Crack' for breakfast because we didn't have enough time to go sit down to eat. I dropped him off at home (ok, so he just figured 'I can have my homie drop me off at Jenny's house and she'll take me home...' If he wasn't so fine...i'd slap his ass). When he's gettingout the car he says to me... "Call me, I'll be here, I ain't going nowhere"... what the shit does that mean?

Anyhoo at the Water Park the chil'ren and I had a ball. My and Aylam (As My calls him) had so much fun they splashed and put their lil faces in the water and got on the slides and I was so happy for my lil nephew. He was so geeked. He tells me "T-nell, you know it's my birthday today, I'm turning this many.." He holds up eight fingers....he's only turning three.

that Evening I took My to a friend of mines house and I went home, washed my hair and went to sleep. The next day Hernandez calls me tomake sure that we are still going...I'm glad that he did...I was worried I hadn't talked to him all Saturday. I tell him that we need to get there before 2pm and that I don't know exactly the time that the boat docks. I said that I'd call Sony Studios ( a girl who I used to claim as my bestfriend, but we ain't that tight no mores). Sony studios tells me that we need to be there at 1:30. I tell Hernandez and he says that he'll call me when he's ready for us to go.

So I go into hyper mode getting dressed. I was lookin tooooo cute. I wore this pink and green dress that was Hifey!, these pink shoes and this pink purse...It was a hot outfit. I picked Hernanadez up and his ass was super geeked. he gave me 10,000 compliments. It was nice to know someone was diggin me. you know?

when we get to the ship we met up with Sony Studios, Martinez and Asha (Sony Studios' older sister). They all find out that they're all from the same district in Belize (cept Martinez she's garifuna). And Hernandez is happy b'cus he thinks he's found folks to talk about Coro with...but Sony and Asha have never been so I was happy that that conversation was stopped there.

The guy whose birthday it was, Miguel, was from Cuba, so I felt relieved that the majority of the folks on the boat where cuban...there was cuban food and music so I felt at home. Miguel was also SUPER homosexual and changed his clothes five times.

Hernandez was not cool on the fact that we were on a boat filled with Cuban Homosexuals....but he was having a good time. He brought me and the chics drinks and we tried to get a bite but apparently Cuban homosexuals can eat.... So it was shit left but cheese and crackers.

After the boat we went to Aculpulco and ate. It was nice. he brought me flowers and all was love. He got the Mariachi band to sing "happy birthday" to me... No it was not my birthday. and we ended up having a good ole time.

He went with me to pick up My and. My friend straight up fell in love with Hernandez. She says he's gorgeous. I agree.

We came home and he played with My a bit. then he gave me money to buy tickets to see the circus and that was it.

So basically I'm saying I was all this beautiful "Man-age" this weekend and DID NOT GET NONE hence the title of this post :Yo Quiero comer!!!!!

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