Tuesday, August 24, 2004

where i been at?

i aint wrote a real post in a minute. not like my ass be really writing shit that is worth reading or like nuccas be lining up to read it...I just feel like I needs to get some shit out, you feel me?

anyhoo... work is work. CT is trying to be all "I want to be Jenny's friend" and shit. Vero's ass is calling herself not talking to me...but the trip is i'm not the type of chic that even cares about folks talking to her...just means i get to spend less breath talking back to your ass.

now i love my friends. and i'm not the type chic that talks shit about my friends so instead i will address my following issues to women in general.

All I'm going to say is, Ladies, if you want a man with big money, nice car, single, nice home, big future, secure (i.e. not a psycho, crazy ass like all the ones i attract...because my ass is crazy..?...), intelligent, handsome, has his own life, financially ready for a true relationship, fun loveing , god fearing, faithful, trustworthy and all that ya ya that we be preaching to each other about wanting in a man, then YOU have got to have something to offer his ass!!!

if you aint got no car...why he want to be havin to pick yo ass up?
in you aint got no money...why he cant be treated sometimes?
if you ain't been to church since your momma made you go...why you except him to be saved and sanctified?
if you aint ALL THE WAY single..why he need to play his self like that?
if you living with your momma...why he can't want to spend the nite sometimes?
if you ain't been to college...still in college (over the estimated 5 years that it takes and average student to complete college in ) why you expected his ass to be nine times degreed and he needs to explain what he does to your ass?
if your ass is a dumb fucc who can't hold a decent conversation with out saying: um, cuz, nigga, shit, damn, fucc, etc....why you expect him to speak intelligently?

i'm not saying to lower your expectations ladies, in any way...I'm just pointing out the fact that if you want gold you need to be able to afford it.

that's all I have to say about that.

ok back to me.

This weekend Hernandez went to visit his youngest daughter (he has two). she is way tooo cute. she's a little four year old with the personailty of a 90 year old. He and I didn't get to spend anytime this weekend..which was cool...but you know a sista wanted her smooches.

We're supposed to be going to the UniverSoul Circus sometime in the next two weeks...I'll see how that goes.

I'm kinda feeling this one. We are good company for each other.

Rickroc called me on Saturday!!! My little golden brown chocolate cum maker. I didn't let his loveliness alore me away from being pissed at him. So I stood my ground at being mad at the fact that we haven't spoke for a month. And he tells me some bullshit about being "out of town". I've heard that shit before. He hinted around that he wanted to come through but I didn't cave to the pressure. *sigh* reminiscing on the orgasims...

Saturday I didn't get out the damn bed. My and I didn't even leave the damn house...lazy heffas.

Sunday My and I went to church. Went to the African Marketplace. Went to the mall. and went to the park. So I kinda made up for not doing shit on Saturday.

I'm looking foward to this weekend. Saturday is my lil nephews 3rd B-day so we're taking him to the Water Park. That should be fun.

Saturday evening NIF is having her first fashion show so you know I gots to be there to see what the hell is going on. Muq and I gots to be at a table somewhere peeping all the folks we went to school with.

Sunday morning I'm going to the ALLEY!! I'm too geeked about having some extra funds to support my habit (shopping) But I gots to have something hot to wear for Sunday evening.

Hernandez and I are going on a four hour boat party cruise. Some women, I went to school with (elementary, jr high, high school and college) that I still "hang" with from time to time, invited us so we're going.

This well be the determining factor of whether I keep Hernandez or not. How he acts around these quasi-friends of mine. All the girls in the couples that we're going with are from Belize (He's Belizean and Jamaican). If he's all "Every body, cept Jen is Belizean" on me I might not be cool with that... since i've grown up round Belizean people my entire life, My family is not belizean we're Cuban...we (my sister and i) ain't never been to cuba aint' going to cuba and ain't got acents ain't got wavey hair and you would know it if i didn't tell you so basically we're American chics who speak spanish cause our mexican looking grandma does... I know what the Belizean attitude is bout us Yankee chics (we ain't good enough) so if I sense that from him....it's over....done I tell you...finito....

My baby sitter is gon make me smack they asses. Thursday evening they gon tell me..."oh ain't nobody gon be here tommorrow or on monday"...can't I get some real daycare? some real professional daycare? I can't wait till My turns 2 years....She at least can qualify for some gov'ment fundin' or somethin'... three months and counting till her B-day.


M said...

stumbled on this.... too funny!!

jirzygurl said...

That is so true about not having anything to offer but wanting someone waaaaaay out of their league! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! HAVE FUN GIRL!!