Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Somebody put the wammy on me

so after I left work friday, I couldn't cash my check. I had to go to "the spot" and get my shit cashed...and them niyas charged me 20.00 damn dollars!!!

friday nite TB came to see me and pissed me the fuck off. His ass is going to try get to kissing me and shit (mind you I don't mind kissing...but that's it) and when I tell his ass to stop, he gone get the fuckin nerves to tell me..."oh, all we can do is kiss? well what i come over for?"I told his ass "I guess, to get cussed the fuck out cause that's what you bout to get" I told his ass not to call me, not to come by, not to think about calling me because all of which are reasons that he will recieve an ass whoppin!

I brought a car saturday(1987 Toyota Corrolla) from this mexican man, who apparently has cheated me out of 175.00 dollars because that is now the fee I must pay the DMV. That man is about to make me beat the shit out of his ass. I am so fucking pissed off.

Saturday nite Hernandez came by...I'm so in love... he doesn't know it yet... We watched the news and ate chicken stripes (that's what this taco stand by my house has on the damn sign...as many people visit that establishment you think someone would've told they dumb half-english speaking assess)

Sunday I pick up Muq and she and I kicked it. I started watching White Chics (Muq's mom is the bootleg queen) and I took some benadryl cause a sista had a sinus headache....I fell asleep within the first five minutes of the movie. With my feeling like a drunk self.

Monday i took off to get my bootlegged ass car registered and all the damn DMV's in Southern California were fucking closed. And that about a bitch.
I got to cash in this money order I had been holding on to. I got to get a tune-up on my tutbucket. and get it washed. but that's it.

When I got to work today my punk ass boss CT gone try to hug me and tell me I don't want us to not be friends. I wanted to holler at her ass "I'm Jenny Bitch!!!" but I didn't. I didn't say shit to that hoe. Not a damn word. I just looked at her as if I could see straight through her. All damn day she been trying to front and come in my office like it's all good....it ain't.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a portuguese woman and I've got a question: Do you have any kind of problem whith your color?
In you profile you put that you are a "black female" and "dark skin"... I do not want to make you fell bad, but I think that you do not need to put the color of your skin in your profile.I'm white, but I don't put in my profile my color.
Best regards!

Anonymous said...
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