Wednesday, August 18, 2004


play an instrument? no
Like to sing? yes, but i don't think anyone else wants to hear.
Have a Job? instructor/pimp.
Have a cell? yes, but it don't work.
Like to play sports? a little.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no...sadly.
Have a crush? what??!!! i think i'm too old for "crushes" .
Any Special Talents? too many to list.
Excercise Daily?no..I'm lazy.
Like school? yes...need to go back and do something wit myself .

Stand on tip toe w/o shoes? yes...14 years of ballet.
Speak another language? a little... spanglish and ebonics.
Stay up for more than 24 hrs.? yes...been there done that.
Read music not just tabs? no...
Eat a whole pizza? no

snuck out of house? yes..the stories i could tell.
cried to get out of trouble? yes...all the time.
Gotten lost in your city? no...i know cali like the backof my hand.
Seen a shooting star? yes
Had a serious surgery? yes. cryotherapy to my cervix...cancer survivor.
Stolen something from someone? yes
Cried over a girl? no....why would i?
Cried over a boy? yes.
Kissed a random stranger? yes...with tongue.
Hugged a random stranger? yes.
Been in a fist fight? no...never had the need.
Been arrested? no.
Done drugs? um...I plead the fifth.
Had alcohol?why else woul i kiss a stranger?
Gone to school to find out it was a holiday? no.
Swore at parents? mom and i have issues.
Kicked a guy where it hurts? no.
Been in love? love is gay.
Been to a casino? yes....Vegas is only 4 hours away .
Ran over an animal? no.
Broken a bone? yes....4 years old..left arm.
gotten stitches? no...not even after giving birth to my daughter.
Made home-made muffins? what the hell? no.
Bite someone? yes....
Gotten Chicken-pox? yes..when i was 7.

brushed your teeth? this morning.
Saw a movie? sunday-"White Chics" on bootleg.
Read a book? two weeks ago, Addicted by Zane.
had a party? does my daughter's birthday party count?
had a slumber party? last nite
made fun of someone? two seconds ago.
Tripped in front of someone? last week.
Got sick? about two months ago.
cursed? i'm cussin now.
Had sex? last saturday....

fruit/veggies: fruit
Black/white: black
lights on/ lights off: lights off
Car/Truck: car
body spray/ lotion: both
cash/check: cash
pillows/blankets: blankets ...i'm always cold
headache/stomachache: neither
Summer/winter: summer
snow/rain: rain
fog/misty: niether...they both fuck up my hair.
Rock/Rap: RAP.
Boy/Girl: um...Boys are great ,but, I'm a girl so,...I don't know repeat the question?
Choc./vanilla: vanilla
Strawberries/Blueberry: strawberries
Ocean/Pool: ocean
Pink/purple: pink
cat/dog: dog
Pants/Shorts: shorts
moon/mars: moon.

Slippers: warm.
Hat: head.
Hard: penis.
Free: Kobe.
Space: ship.
Taste: good.
Red: light.
Deep: penetration.
Heart: red.
Cord: plug.
Cheese: food.
Rain: refreshing.
Pedal: fast.
Head: now...please?
Bed: room.
Hardcore: sex.
Race: not important.
knife: stab as in... DJ's neck .
Jump: Tony.
I am: hungry.
I want: a new job, a better car and to fall in love.
I need: money.
I crave: cheese
I love: my daughter, nephews, sister and mother.
I hate: letting a good thing pass me by.
I did: not know this was going to take so long.
I feel: tired.
I miss: being in a relationship.
I'm annoyed by: ingnorance.
I would rather: be having sex.
I'm tired of: drama.
I will always: say my prayers.

funny? hell yea.
pretty? a little.
sarcastic? of course not...*wink..*wink.
lazy? sometimes.
strong? mentally.
hyper? yes.
friendly? yes.
evil? never...
smart? very.
talented? yes.

sky dive? no, that's white shit.
Play Strip Poker? been there done that.
run away? I tried to, twice.
Curse at teacher? not now. but the old me would have.
not bathe for a month? no.
ask someone out? yes.
lie to someone to make them think better of you? no i love ME too much.
go scuba diving? yes.
write a book?'s my dream.
become a rock star ? love to.
have casual sex? not any more.

what shampoo do you use? karasilk.
kind of computer do you use? the one at work....samtron?
grade ur in? out of school.
Have ever been in love?If yes with who?if yes how long? yes.DJ.3 long years.
believe theres someone for everyone? yes.
What was your 1st kiss like? hot and sticky.
Think love is a load of shit? yes.
best experience with opposite sex? no thanks...i have no need to bump cooches.
ever been dumped? yes.
ever dumped someone? yes.
most sexual thing done with someone? not enough time or space.

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jirzygurl said...

hmmm interesting... LMAO @ free Kobe! HA! Good stuff...