Friday, August 13, 2004

my life is a run-on sentence...bitches ain't shit

This is a double titled post because a bitch been going through some shit lately...

first lets start with My life is a run-on sentence...

I am going to give you a timeline of the past few weeks of my life:

7/24- My mother's husband calls me and says that my mother is in the hospital.
7/27- I go to daycare and no one is there to open up, so I had to miss a day of work and when I did talk to the lady she tells "oh, I was sleep".
7/28- Some crack heads by my house stole CD's out my car. Because I left the window down.
8/1- My sister's dad had a stroke.
8/1- My aunt's husband had a stroke.
8/2- I go to clean my car out and find out that the crack head's have left crack rock in my back seat, where my daughter rides, that the crack heads left when they were stealing my CD's
8/2-8/6- My mother lives in Florida and there is a hurricane watch.
8/4- My mother got dizzy and almost passed out.
8/5- My car was impounded (because the shit had not been registered in three years)
8/6- My grandma is in the hospital because she passed out
8/10- My car is being repossesed.
8/12- Co-worker is pissing me off and there's tension in my office.

second lets move on to niggas/bitches ain't shit:

my car was impounded Thursday so I miss work on Thursday. I ride the bus to work Friday morning and it was ok.

On Friday evening one of my co-workers and people that I thought was my friend, Vero, offers to take me home. I tell her no at first, she insists and says she was going down to LA anyway because she wanted to visit her friend. So she gives me a ride home. I appreciated it and I was glad because I really don't want my baby to have to be on the bus...especially on a Friday.

So on Monday, I get to work and on lunch I say I'm going to walk to the "King Taco" resturant near my job (which is about four blocks away) Vero says "No!!! take my car and go get something to eat" I take her car and go to Del Taco and come right back. No beefs I tell her thank you and let her know that her kindness is appreciated.

When it's time to leave, I had to take the bus home and it was Vero's late night here at work so I tell her I'll call you to let you know I got home saftely. She says yeah ok (because we're supposedly friends). So anyways i don't get home until 9:30pm so she says "What!! hell no, I'm going to take you home tommorrow! That shit is ridiculous..." I tell her no I'm's my own fault that the car is impounded...she insists. SO she says "that's it! We work the same time schedule so I'll just give you a ride home." I say whatever.

When I come in to work everything is coo...I go to teach my class. Vero comes in late (as she normally does) and she walks in with an attitude. I'm not trippin. I come to her office at my student's break time and I go to say hi to her. She acts as if she really doesn't feel like talking so I continue on to talk to someone else.

When my class is over I come to see what everyone is eating for lunch and they've already decided to eat Italian food. I don't really have the taste for that so I decide that's not where I want to eat. I ask the secretary, Kamasutra, if she wants to eat Chinese food with me instead and she says yeah. So she and I are planning to eat Chinese food. She and I go around to everyone else and ask if they want to eat Chinese food. Everyone else has decided against it. So Kamasutra and I choose what we want. We realize that the order needs to be 15.00 in order for them to deliver it, so we ask Vero if she wants these fried chese wongtongs that she loves and generally will buy if someone brings them up, she says "No! I already told you I don't want that!" in this bitchy ass tone.

So Kamasutra and I are joking with her telling her "you know you want them..." Vero says to us "you guys are getting on my nerves" so I then ask playingly to her "Why don't you come with me to pick the food up" She immediately starts bitching about how she told me she wanted Italian food and that I should have just chose what everyone else wanted since I didn't have a car.

Immediately the"I don't give a fuck" came out in me, becuase this bitch does not even realized that don't nobody need her to do shit for them. So Kamasutra decides to order the Wong tongs herself so that the order could be delivered.

Later WhiteGirl2(this is what I refer to the 2 white girls in my office as, it's the only way I can tell thier ditzy asses apart :1&2.) comes into my office and tells me...hey, I'll take you home because I got to go out to the airport. I say yeah, thank you and let her know how much I am happy that she can do that for me. She tells our boss, CT, that she is going to take me home. CT tells her "I don't know about that. You being a white girl they might pull you out of the car over where Jenny lives."

Whitegirl2 being her neive self comes in my office and tells me that shit..jokingly. I laugh because i didn't want the white girl to feel bad. But I'm totally offened that a so called African American woman, who claims to be so in touch with helping the community, would say some dumb ass shit like that to me.

SO I got to Vero( who is the perosn that I generaly confide in. We usually let each other know when one of the faggot ass people we work with gets on our nerves. We were raised in the same area and know all about life in LA..she grew up in a little worst situation than me but definitely she and Kamasutra are the only people who I really relate to on a historical, economical and social level. The thing that I'm starting to realize about Vero is that she's one of those mexican girls who wants real hard to be white. She claims that she is so bent on trying to prove to everyone that she's a Mexican girl, but at the same time she is trying to compete with Whitgirl1 and whitegirl2 to be the best white girl. The problem is 1 & 2 aren't excepting her as thier own.) and tell her "Why do all these damn people here thnk I live in such a bad neighborhood?" I could tell that Vero still had an attitude about earlier, so she goes into CT's office and with no introduction or anything she tells CT what I said. Which is normally something Vero would not do ....I thought.

Immediately CT starts going on and on about how she didn't mean it that way and ya the fuck ya. I, by this time, am pissing mad (at CT, for saying that stupid ass shit expecially to a white girl, and Vero, for not being a true friend and telling CT what I said to her in confiedence.) so I just ignore CT's I-think-I'm-a-fucking-white-girl-ass and just continue talking to her as usual. Ignoring the fact that she's sill talking, I start talking about the fact that the son of the owner of the school called hisself redecorating and never finished, so shit is just laying everywhere in the office, I take a annoucement board and flop it on to the ground and say "so what are they going to do with this?" I laugh and CT laughs and says "I don't know" and then she starts going on and on again. CT is still trying to explain her stupid ass comment to me and as I'm moving the pictures in to another room I drop one, it makes a loud ass noise, and CT says that's it "get out.." jokingly. Our office ora is usually very playfull and we all joke with each other in this manner every fucking day. But Vero, for what ever reason, is acting like she never seen us kid with each other this way. She's acting like she wants to cause trouble. She jumps up and says "this is getting out of control!!!" and storms out of CT's office. CT and I look at each other and I say "whatever".

I was still pissed at CT when I left her office but I wasn't even trippin.

Anyways Whitegirl2 takes me home. Ct let's us leave a little early and all is coolio. Then WG2 tells me that Ct has left a message on her cellphone that says to "call her when she gets back to the other side"... ain't this bout a bitch.

Later that evening Vero calls me at home on some bullshit talking about "what the hell was wrong with you to day!" I could feel myself about to cuss her out so I tell her you know what "I just got home I really don't feel like talking to you about this " she says "CT asked me if something was wrong with you" I repeat to her the same thing again. she (because her dumb ass never listens to what other people are saying becuase she's too busy concentrating on what she's about to say next.) starts explaining the whole day over again to me as if I didn't live it. I cut her off and say "i got to go the baby's crying, bye." and hang up.

The day after that I was in my office all day didn't talk to no fucking body. I was basically on the computer trying to find a muthafuckin car...You know a hooptie. I walked to the mall and ate luch alone. I didn't say shit to nobody cause WG2 was even walking around with her nose in the air telling ever body "i went to the hood yesterday..." and making comments like "you need to give me your timesheets today, because I took you home yesterday). I'm pissed and to avoid cussing these dumb bitches out I stay in my office.

The next day Vero's still acting the same way she was actin, like someone owes her somethin.

She tells me "I'm going to McDonald's, if you want something from there but that's the only place I'm going" I don't even respond to her ass because #1 she knows that I don't get hamburgers or nothing else at McDonald's #2 nobody asked her titching ass where she was going to eat any fucking way.

Later she comes to me and says..."oh I'm not going to Carl's Jr you want to come?" She's trying to kiss ass now. I go becuase I know Carl's Jr has a Green Burrito in it so I can get nachos. In the car she's all telling me about her stupid ass life. Which I'm sick of giving her advice on becuase her ass never follows it and always is going right back to her husband. But I got my food ate with her

After I eat I leave and go into my office. Ct comes in the lunch room when I leave out and closes the door. Vero stays in there talking with her. After their lunch is finally over, Vero comes out with a fucking attitude again.

I left the office later with out saying good bye.

I say to my self 'coo, you want it like that that's how it'll be so I haven't talked to no body all fucking day." Yesterday evening Vero goes into CT's office (which is totally stupid bcus her office is right next to mine ) and is talking super elevated shit about me. this bitch ain't got shit to say about nobody... she's the one with a husband who had a gun to his head clickin the trigger in front of her two weeks ago...

so now CT calls herself not talking to me. Vero's acting like a bitch. and there's tension in the office.

When I walk in the office this morning Ct hands me some certificate shit and I'm like "what is this?" this stipid bitch keeps walking so I ask again no response So I yell it this time "WHAT IS THIS!!!" and she goes "Oh, they give you certificates of achievement when you go to workshops and teacher meetings here at NWC".

These bitches besta get some act right in em up in this bitch cause they are about to see my true fucking colors. The muthafuckin "hood" (as they all call where I live) is about to come out in me. I can't stand DRAMA!!!!!!!!!! the shit gets on my damn nerves!!!!!!!! I am way to grown to be dealing with this type shit. It is annoying and I just want to fucking peal my skin off.

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Duchess said...

Dude, Jenny! This is seriously stupid ASS SHIT! I mean this isnt Sophmore year, its a job place. Why is everyone all dramatic. And that girl Vero is fucking dumb- drop her ass! Seriously- I am Mexican and I HATE those Mexican girls who pretend why are white girls. Why would you wanna be a white girl anyways, why would you wanna be something youre not?