Thursday, August 12, 2004

a light at the end....

so this AM I took the train/subway to work. I was scared as hell because of our earthquakes and shit...but it was SOOOOOOO much nicer than the bus.

There were no crazies on there.

It was clean...I didn't have to smell anything foul...There was no old bag lady trying to manuever her cart around the ten thousands of people stand up holding the rail...There was no loud old man talking about how he hates riding the bus and how he has a brand new PT cruiser at home that he "just can't drive right now"... There was no other old loud talking man telling some other loud man of his bus "tales"-some crackheads smoking on the bus, some young kids fucking on the bus...There was no stupid ass fresh-out-of-high-school girls giggling and pushing each other back and forth as they fight over some letter that one of them recieved from her boyfriend in jail.

It was peaceful.

I actually could do this.

We'll see what it's like tonite.

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