Thursday, August 26, 2004

get my magnet fixed

i am not all that. I admit that...

I don't think i'm some sexy, fashionista, who wrecks cars when she walks down the street, or causes construction workers to crash forklifts or nothing (as a matter of fact when I walked to Target the other day for my lunch break...the only construction worker "cat-call" that I got was a "Howdie" from this fat guy in a fishing cap) why is it that I attract CRAZIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I met this guy, Haas. He and I went to dinner ONE time!!! I didn't not kiss the man, did not hold his hand, did not let him feel the warmth of my chocolatey goodness... and his ass will not stop calling me. He called me lie...NINE times!!!!!!....before I got home!

The shit is scarey...I already have two restraining orders against two different people and I don't want to have to be in court again on some "Please Judge, make him leave me alone" type shit again....

What is it?
I'm not extra cute or a matter of fact on a ten scale I'll say I'm about a 7.8.
I ain't got no ends... Why me?

Friday when I go cash my check I'm going to tell the teller to run me through that machine they use to fix your credit card when it gets "demagnitized"....

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