Thursday, August 12, 2004

50 good things about me....50 bad things about me.

Muq is reading this book about "getting started on the right track in life". So as a part of the "process" she and I are writing all these lists. I don't belive in reading books where some jackass is getting paid to tell me who and what I ought to be. That type shit gets on my nerves. But because Muq is going through a Quad-life crisis (one fourth of life...get it mid life, quad-life...anyways)I am going along with it so she doesn't try to commit herself.

First was the TOP I want to's and now is 50 GOOD 50 BAD things about me. This is supposed to be the hardest for most people. finding 50 good things about yourself, the 50 bad things is usually the easiest, here's mine:

50 Good things...
1. I have not let my past over come me.

2. I am intelligent.

3. I love my daughter.

4. I am a good friend.

5. I am a good daughter and sister.

6. I respect others.

7. I am successful (my personal definition on successful is if your current job is the only place you are working and it's paying the bills, you're successful.)

8. I try to avoid gossip.

9. I can walk a mile without being out of breath.

10. I'm a good teacher.

11. I am pretty...not gorgeous but I'm cute.

12. I am very open minded.

13. I am not prejudice of other races or nationalities.

14. I speak well in public.

15. I generally have a clean house.

16. I get the job if I get the interview.

17. I try to be positive.

18. I am upbeat.

19. I am a down to the bone GIRL. I love pink and flowers and roses and ruffles and skirts and dresses and earings and puppies and ice cream with the girls and buying panties and shaving my co-co hair into shapes...I love being a girl.

20. I have a relationship with god that I am continuely working on.

21. I pray.

22. I have style.

23. I'm very open about sex.

24. I have the best sunshine your man has ever felt.

25. I make sexy sex faces.

26. I am huggable.

27. my house is "cosey".

28. I am a young employeed woman raising a child ON MY OWN.

29. I have neat handwriting.

30. I will give someone I like 110% of my self.

31. I respect other peoples relationships.

32. I try not to liter.

33. I respect nature.

34. I look great whenI'm all dressed up.

35. I do volunteer work becuase it needs to be done and not for self gratification.

36. I I have the sexiest eyes and lips and legs.

37. I can speak intelligently on many different subjects.

38. I love my nephews.

39. I completed high school...even with all that I went through.

40. I waited until I was an adult to have a child.

41. I love pink.

42. I can cuss.

43. i will always win at a cussing contest.

44. I am a woman of my word.

45. I can dance.

46. I'm flexible.

47. I love seeing other people achieve.

48. I know how to keep my distance.

49. I understand what it means to be an African American woman.

50. I'm not ghetto.

50 bad things...
1. I never do my job...I'm always on the damn computer instead.

2. I'm very shy when it comes to expressing my feelings to men...daddy issues I guess...but I am always ready to have sex.

3. my whole life is a run on sentence.

4. I crave attention.

5. I think about what I look like quite often.

6. I don't call my grandmother becuase she gets on my nerves.

7. I rather be at the beach than hanging with my family.

8. I really just don't care when I say "I don't care".

9. I suck my thumb. (nite or day..doesn't matter)

10. I'm kind of thick in the middle.

11. i hide clutter in the closet and under the bed.

12. I hate washing dishes and will go days without washing them.

13. I slept with my daughter's dad the first nite I met him (sounds bad but we were together for three years...)

14. I will lie.

15. I sometimes let my self get stepped on by not saying what I want to say.

16. I ALWAYS second guess myself.

17. I have horrible credit.

18. I never pay my bills on time.

19. My short-term memory is starting to fail.

20. I am very self concious.

21. I hold my pee all the time for no reason?...

22. I am a serrrrrrrriiiiiooooouuuuussss procrastinator.

23. I have not taken my baby to the doctor in a long time and her shots need to be updated.

24. I hate confrontation.

25. I hate the second part of my job.

26. I talk a lot of shit.

27. I can change any subject into one about myself.

28. I'd rather recieve than bed...

29. I can not stand people who don't speak english but reap the benefits of this country.

30. I've kissed someone's husband.

31. I secretly have thought of killing myself.

32. I struggle with depression.

33. I know that my mother likes me more than my sister and I don't confront her on it.

34. I have a love/hate relationship with my daughter's dad.

35. Once I'm finish with someone...I'm finished...I mean friendship wise.

36. I never ask for help.

37. I can stand this chic at my job, but I pretend that I do.

38. I get tired of people.

39. I've had two abortions.

40. Someone in this world told me he hates me because of #39.

41. I can be a packrat of sorts.

42. I hate taking the trash out.

43. I'm some-of-the-time lazy.

44. I'm hardly listening when I'm on the phone.

45. I hate washing clothes and have gone months without washing them...i have enough panties and socks to last me.

46. I buy things when I don't have the money.

47. I don't know how to budget.

48. Shopping is my stress reliever.

49. I let my mother lie about things that she knows she's lying about and I just let her lie.

50. I have miscellaneous hairs on me...????....

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