Monday, July 19, 2004

Ya, ya

Friday mornig was my interview. I was so geeked. My hair started puffing up  and I was hot as I don't know what in that dark blue suit, but I think I made a good impression there was talk for negotiation with the owner of my current school. And I just loved both of the young women that I met. If it's Christine's decision I have a good feeling that I'm in.
I will be so happy. I won't have to steal company money to write in my blog because I can buy a computer from home!!!I will be making so much more money and I'll have a FULL benefits package again. I just pray and I recieve what the Lord has destined for me.
Friday night, I called Muq and asked her if she wanted to go to Al's birthday party. She really didn't because, she wasn't rollin with the type of crowd that gives the event that he was having his "party" at. So instead I got Grannypanties to watch My and we went to Rav's party in Beverly Hills,  mind you I already had four invites for dates : Al-his birthday party, J-for dinner, kaos-dinner and Rent-"kick-it", I ditched everyone and went out with the homegirl to my ex-boyfriend's party. Sound like a bitch, huh?
I love having homeboys. Sly tells me the only kind of girls he wants to date are the ones that have just gotten out of long relationships because he's only really interested in one thing.
That's what they think. Men are a trizip.
Anyway I had one drink!
One damn drink and a sista was in some pain the next morning.
 Serious pain.
I wish I could have slept the next day but rickroc called me at 7:30am to tell me him "missed me too" when I'm drunk I tend to want to call folks and leave long crazy ass messages on thier phones and I assume that's what happened, We talked for a minute. I invited him over and told him I'd cook for him, but he didn't call me back.
Yeah we're basically just going through the motions.
The rest of Saturday was spent with me feeling totally a mess. I barely got a chance to clean up the hizzy I felt so sick. I finally got up around 4 and cleaned up a little tiny bit and took the trash out. 
 I felt disgusting.
 I took a shower and put on some clean clothes around 5 or 6 and I still felt a mess.
J called me talking about how geeked he was to be coming over and finally getting to see me. I don't know how I felt about this. I wasn't feeling good let alone my reservations on our entire relationship
1. I don't like meeting folks from the net.
2. I don't like White boys.
3. Ain't he a pimp or something?

So, I must've had an attitude because he ended up staying for 30 minutes and then leaving, he says "I'll let my self out". crazy is as crazy does. The best part is he left the Hpnotiq!!!
Sunday, I went to church. Service was absolutely beautiful. We celebrated the Lord in the dance.
After church I went to Market and brought the cutest outfit ever. I then went to the mall to find the perfect shoes and ended up buying all sorts of crap that I know I don't need, including a shirt that says "What boyfriend?",  I could feel that I was going to be hot to trot.
I took My to her dad's and met up with Martinez at her house. I drove.  I drank the rest of the Hpno in the car. We got to the club at 9:45, that way we got in free. I looked so cute. There was no denying it.
When we got in the club it was so regular. The dudes was on me. Not like I think I'm all that, but that's generally how it is. They are straight on ya when you get in the club.
 There was this one guy who stood out. He was tall sexy and chocolate my favorite combination. Come to realize he's the guy I told to "Man up!" the last time we were at this club because  he was drinking a pussy ass Corona, when the bar was full of lovely tasteys. He promised me a drink last time.
This time, I just walked up to him and asked him where's my drink.
He nearly exploded. He loved that shit.
Trip this, his only reason for coming to the club was the hopes that he would see me again.
We were all on each other. not kissing or nothing. Just the more we talked, the more excited both of us got about us.
 I was so rollin. I'm not even one of those "come back to my house" girls but I sure wanted to be. We really hit it off that well.
I nearly forgot that it was tash's birthday.
I forgot that Muq and Vero and Kamasutra had all dissed me and didn't show up. My girls be on some shit.
I had forgot that Al was there at the club and had asked to come home with me.
I forgot every body that I am talking to it was just about TB.
 I don't believe in love at first sight so I'm not saying it was that, but it was something.
We'll see.
Anyhoo, I'm at work today, HOT as a POT. and still a little enibriated, still a LOT tired, I got home at 4am,  I am so ready to go home, get some rest and pray for a call from Bryman.

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