Monday, July 12, 2004

what the fucccc....

So, Friday Mc calls me and tells me, 'my friends and I might go to the club if we don't then I want to come see you', What the fucccc...?!! I'm supposed to play second fiddle to your homies and hope around waitin for you to decide, whether or not you gots the time to come see me? Niggas be on one.

He and I got in to this big discussion argument, because he says that I change, what he says, so that it sounds real bad. ok, I just break down what ever it is to it's bare essentials. I just get straight to the damn point. I just put it out there and let it be known. No time to bullshit with niggas bout shit. feel me.

Anyways so I x-ed those plans he had for my friday, told him I was going "out" and chilled at home with My. Believe it or not a two year old can be plenty company. They think they have all the conversation, with their blah blah blah about noses or whatever one or two words they can say clearly. They're funny. They're complimentary. What else do you need in a companion?

Saturday I chilled all day. Cleaned up the hizzy. Then I took My to her dads, so that Muq and I could go to the After Hours. But Muq ended up dissin me for her new "boyfriend". I was fensta be on some What the fucccc...shit but, I don't necessarily mind becuase she deserves a nice guy in her life. All the drama my girl has been through, she needs some of that old "teenage love" via Slick Rick hit you wit that old shit kind of love.

I ended up going with Catchacase to see Anchorman. That shit is fucken hilarious. It's so stupid, you have to laugh at it. It's so stupid. Trust if you like "dumb-ass-make-no-sense-just-purely-a-waste-of-your-god-given-intelligence" movies that shit will make you laugh. I was seriously on some "why is this shit so stupid type shit" after I left the theater.

Sunday, I went to church and came home and kicked it. I called Rickroc to apologize for being so mean to him on Friday...yeah I left that out...but he didn't answer so I gave an apology to his answering machine. I figure he's through with my crazy ass. But that's fine becuase I was through with his crazy ass at his pool party.

After I read that last paragrah I realize my ass is loca!

I know no one reads my damn shit, but if they did they'd think this girl is off her damn rocker. She's straight up and down crazy.

I know that I am.
That's why I use this shit as a method to vent. To let it out.

And I do it on my companies time. I let their asses pay me to do not a damn thing.

I know I gots dead lines to make and quotas to meet but I could care less. These ass holes know that they are paying me way less than I should be getting paid. I make probably make half what the other fuckin teachers here make and I do ten times more than they do.

I'm sitting around writing fucking curriculum and shit and these niggas ain't gave me a stipened or nothing.

For a pharmacist to quit working at a hospital and come work here thier ass has to be getting paid. I know I fo showly ain't getting nearly what a damn pharmacist makes so I ain't going to be profitable for thier asses.

I'm going to take advantage as much I can.

I am the best damn teacher these mofo's got here and they know that. On our last evaluation I made a 100% satisfactory. In school they teach us that not more than 2% of your class should not like you at a given time. All my students are happy with me. I assure that. I make my self avaliable to them. I try to make class fun. I haven't had any complaints in the last year.

All my students pass with above average grades and they know thier stuff. I've never recieved a bad evaluation for a student not knowing thier stuff out in the field.

I am the best at every thing they've given me to do and you think these ass holes care? No! won't even give a bitch health care and I know that shits illegal.

I sure hope Bryman calls me back. I will for definite take that job. And be happy as pie with not having to work in the stupid ass placement department.

Enough of the mad ass ranting.

I'm bouts to go to dinner with kaos and then rickroc says he's going to come "kick it" tonight.....we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Getting paid is the fo show thag after all that colledge I know you hope for somthing better than that what the fucccc

Anonymous said...

Liven live world wide its time to shine