Tuesday, July 27, 2004


No real reason for writing. Just that I'm crazy. A little off the rocker. You know.

Last night Muq came by. I am getting overly obese (130 lbs.) and I can no longer fit any of my clothes, so I had some things that I told Muq that she could have them. She, with her skinny ass, of course, could fit everything. I was happy. This way I don't have to sell them in my yard sale and see some person I don't even know taking my things.

Muq, is stressing, off her new "boyfriend".

I know what the issue is, but I'm not a liberty to say it to her. I'm a playa. Who's going to trust me? I am single by choice and by decision.

Muq just gets to attached too soon. She catches feelins way too early in the game. The problem is she never shares her emotions with the person she's rolling with.... So this guy that she's completely ga, ga over doesn't even know because she's only hugged him once. So because he didn't call her back within the hour like he said he was... she starts ta trippin. I mean for real, she's calling his ass back to back and leaving messages everytime. It's coo-coo. But who am, I got three restraining orders against dudes, to be on some this-is-what-you-should-do type shit.

So I let her try to explain her case to me.

I just tell she don't need to be rolin back to her ex boy-friend (the real estate agent gone pimp)... but love is what is it is....and let her decide who she want to be with.

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