Friday, July 02, 2004

My miny vacation.

I'm BACK!!!

Last Wednesday I left for Florida. For the first time ever I was afraid to get on to the airplane. Believe it or not. The shit was striaght up scarey!!

I prayed, God shed grace on us and we made it there and back saftely.

My mom is doing great. She looked healthy; like she'd been eating right and excercising. She had on shorts (I've never seen my mother in shorts) and a sleeveless shirt (another something I've never seen her in) so she has to have been doing well!

I got a little sleep (about 4 hours) and then we drove to Alabama. It was a ten hour drive. So we drove for 6 hours, stopped and stayed in a hotel for the night then drove the remaining 4 hours to Montgomery.

The family was there. All of them. Light, dark, nappy and curly Afro-Indio American folks all happy and eating fried foods. It was like Poetic Justice.

My cousin and I drove to Hotlanta and I got to go to a strip club in the Strip Club Capital of the United States. It was crackin!!

The Reunion was on Saturday and it was coo. ALL the fam came out. My uncle and grandfather hooked up the hellafied bar-b-que and my aunt made the OG gangsta gangsta potato salad. I was loving it because lord knows I don't get to eat, at my little bitty apartment in Inglewood.

SO we drove back to FL on Sunday. I got to go to a club in Miami. It was WAY TOO much fun for one night so the club lasted until the next morning...Yes the club served breakfast.

I went to the beach with my MOM on Monday and I landed here Tuesday afternoon.

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