Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'm under the fan...

SO, it's 900 degrees in Pasadena!!!!

TB came over last night, just to see me.
He's cute I guess?.. He sort of looks like the Black officer on Law and Order. He has the same little gotee as him and those dreamy sort of eyes and that wavey dry hair. He's I like em',  the major issue I have with him is...dun...dun..dun...he's married.

Yes. I know, I know. I never...well let me shut up before I say too much. Supposedly he and his wife are seperated because she has lazy-itis. I know that story. I am definitely keeping my distance. I haven't even tried to ask him any of those I'm trying to be your girl  questions. I've just been on this whole chill mode, some ole Why Can't We Be Friends shit.

Anyways, he came over yesterday around 12am. He had on a dingy ass white t-shirt, some basketball shorts, a big floppy grey sweatshirt and chunklas that revealed his ashy ass heels. He blamed his horrible dress on the fact that he'd worked all day, but I don't the club he had on an extra medium ass shirt?! Martinez pointed it out to me.

Anyways, it was hella late so I was on some I hope he don't think this is a booty call shit. He wasn't. I think he was doing some ole JenJen shit. Trying to come see me so that he can remeber what I look like.  We had cool conversation though. There were some times when neither of us had anything to say. I think it was because it was so late and I think he was blowed. He seemed like that's how he was acting. Like a smoker....

He stayed for about and hour and then left. We're supposed to get together today. But I already told Kth. that I'm meet up with him for dinner. (Kth. is another guy I met at the club, who's line was "Give me a hug, so you can feel how thick I am and fall in love with me"...yeah I know, he's so undeserving of my number because of that.) depending on how I'm feelin when I gets home will decide whether or not I'll meet up with either of them.

Why have I not spoke to Rickroc since Saturday?Why have I decided not to call Catchacase anymore? Don't worry they're retorical questions.

But for real, on to some real life shit:

I am still waiting to hear bak from Bryman. I am going to be so dissapointed if I don't hear back from them. This why I hate to tell people about interviews, they always want to know how it went.


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