Thursday, July 08, 2004

"Hawkin out"

Rickroc calls me at work yesterday and says to me...

"you know you're the only one I'm hawking out right now"...

What the hell does this mean? What the hell is "Hawking out" when I ask him his response is almost as half assed as the phrase. He says "You know, you're the only one I'm giving it hard to". Ok if you understand it, please let me know because I do not.

Then he has the nerve to tell me that he's going to come over my crib and about ten minutes later he calls me back and says that he's tired and that he's not going to come. We all know what that shit means. Either 1. the girl that he had called right before he called me called him back and said that it's cool that he comes over now. or 2. someone he'd rather see called him.

I need to start looking into that hermit thing. THe shit sounds way better than this ring aroung the rosey shit that I've been dealing with.

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