Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Fourth of July Weekend.

Muq lost her wallet at school on Friday so she came over to drown her sorrows in some liquor on Friday.

Catchacase came over. He brought his little Slingblade lookin friend with him too. It was frightful.

SO we drank and watched Def Comedy Jam....one of my favorite DVD's.

Saturday, I was in the house the majority of the day. I finally got to cleaned the hizzouse. And I was going to take My to the park but her little lazy self fell asleep at 2 and slept until 6 so that took all our park time.

I just ended up cooking and going to sleep for the night.

Sunday, We went to Rickrocs Pool party, where he acted like I wasn't there. Maybe he did and I was just drunk so I felt like I was being ignored. Remy Red, Grand Manier and Hennessy will do that to you.

Some crazy ass boys made themselves our friends. Let us use the Camcorder,took over our table, bought the heffas(just what Muq and I call ourselves when we're drunk) drinks.

Rickroc made sure to put an underline on us when some strange ass dude walks up to me and kisses me dead in my mouth. He grabs my arm and says "What's up?" I tell him. "I don't know this dude.As a matter fact I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, he's yuck." He laughs and tells me he's coming over my house. I tell him "no you're not! because you suck."(remember please that I'm drunk) and says to me...Very Very VERy VERY loudly "I don't suck, I lick and YOU, of all people, know that."
I decided to leave.

We went to my house and were chillen.

We drank some Vodka and juice.Yeah I know, don't mix light and dark but, whatever.

Muq and I decided to go to the club because you know we love that reggae.

Muq calls her friend, that was at the pool party and he tells us that someone got hurt at the pool party.

I trip because I immediately think of Rickroc. I start calling his cell because I'm stressing. I try callin his house because his mom would know if something happened to him and she seemed like she didn't know nothing and I didn't want to be the one to tell her so I left it alone.

At the club I was the life of the party...as always. Or maybe it's becuase alchol tends to make you loose you sense of self evaluation.

Anyhoo. We had a strizaight ball. I got numbers galore...that's what I generally do when I'm drunk...I danced....I got to be the drunk girl at the club. I got an old boyfriends new phone number.

Around 3am I talked to Rickroc, he said that one of his friends got shot in the head 2 times and that another of his friends got jumped and has two metal plates in his mouth and has his teeth wired shut like Kanye West.

Folks so need to wake up. Especially out here in the WildWildWest.

After the club we went to Denny's, Where we saw Chip from high school with a white girl who was high as a muthafuckin kite. This bitch looked like a little bit of throw up. I aksed him whether or not that was his hoe and he didn't have no words for me. but then she called him "daddy" and I knew the truth. He wouldn't admit to it.

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