Friday, July 09, 2004

"The finger that pulls the trigger"

ok, so the thing is that I want to jump off something. a big rock and just say forget it. These men I have been dealing with have been making me straight up crazy. I think they think it's fun!

I'm through with MC his ass has not called me since LORD knows when.

I'm through with Rickroc, now that I remember a little more things that happened at the pool party, he's really not worth my time.

I'm through with Catchacase, the boy works at FatBurger.

I met a new group of "folks-that-are-trying-to-drive-me-crazy".

*Anthony-this tall ass guy, that was sexy as I don't know.

*Al-this guy, I used to talk to talk to five years ago.

*Kaos-this older guy, I met at the club.

*Adam-this Ethopian guy that I met at the club.

*Tom-this guy from Lousiana that's chillen in Cali until the 18th.

1 comment:

OHara said...

Waste of time... men.
Uh... did that sound convincing?