Friday, July 23, 2004

busta nut, busta nut

so i really just write in this blog to let shit out.  to breath.  to refresh myself from some crazy days.

i really wish i had a computer at home that way I really could write the good stuff in here. 

those days when i'm really feeling a fool.

you'd guys would like me then. 

i'd get comments then.

so anyways on Wednesday tb came over again he brought the "Butterfly Effect", which I recomend to anyone. It's a good ass movie. I like wierdo psycho murder bloody jason killer movies. Like I said the movie was great.

Afterwards Tb starts kissing me. When I say that I really mean it. Don't you hate kissing those people that don't let you kiss them back they just take over the whole thing on thier own. that's how tb is. he kisses me and i can't get a tongue in edgewise. 

We were on the floor and he was on top of me kissing me and he was rubbing and sucking and it was pretty intense (sounding like a white chic) . then he tries to unzip my pants and I tell him "no-no" I'm not a prude it's just we've just met and he's married. and we kiss more and he tries again twice. so finally I turn on my back so he's laying on my back grinding against me. as good as it was feelin I didn't give in.

 Finally he stops and he says "so am I thirsty?" I ask him "is that what you think I think" confusing ass question...just like a woman. "He says I think you think, good things come to those who wait."

 I smile.

He tries to kiss me in his overly aggressive way again, I stop him lay him on his back. and give him the oso suductive upside down face kiss massage. he was rock hard when I finished. Boy musta wanted to help his self to a nut real quick because he jumped up and said he hada go home.

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