Friday, June 04, 2004


Can you believe this crazy ass called me at 3:17 am? He's says "it was just to say 'what's up'"....what the? Yeah so he works the night shift and feels like everyone else she be awake when he is.

I don't know about this one. He's

First off, I don't really like buff guys and trust me, if there's one thing that Rickroc is, is buff. He played football in high school and college and he works out just about everyday to "keep himself up".

Second, he's one of those "talk on the phone guys". He's always on the phone. When we met I felt like we were in high school again, he talked to me until almost three in the morning one night. Of course, when he comes by his phone is ringing off the hook as well...I haven't detected any female phone calls in front of me yet but I'm sure I'm not the only "breezie" even though he swears I am...not in those exact terms but you understand.

Thirdly, he's so serious about this. He expects that when I say "I'm going to call you back when I get out of the bathtub" that as soon as I'm out the tub I'm going to call him. Or when I text him jokingly saying "you suck" he leaves me a four minute message complaining about how I "treat" him. Maybe it's me not taking this relationship seriously as he does. Maybe I don't veiw it as indepth as he does. Maybe I should Let Him Go.

Lastly, because of my relationship with Rickroc I have lost my best friend. Gumbee and I have been friends since 1999. We met at my birthday party when a drunk me just walked up to him and started talking. We've been "best buds" ever since. We went to the club together. We'd treat each other to dinner. We'd have each other over each others houses. Our Mom's knew one another. We were tight. When I told Gumbee I had me this new guy, he was geeked for me, but he flipflopped when i gave him Rickrocs full name. Trip this, they've been friends for a while and have even played on the same football teams. As first Gumbee seemed cool he just says 'Rickroc's a cool guy' but just last week I called him and he told me "Why you calling me you bored?" I am so hurt. But if Gumbee wanted us to be more than what we were he had OHtoomany chances to take it there. So alas we aren't tight anymore.

I spoke to Rickroc when I got out the tub and when I had finished talking to MC (Who I'm truely falling for) and he's like I said ...different. I like him though. maybe I should focus all my energy into to him?


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