Friday, June 18, 2004

More on Rickroc.

He calls me Tuesday and tells me that he's coming over and that he'd call me when he gets out the shower.I never heard from him. So me being me, I don't call his ragedy ass either.

Wednesday he calls me and I don't answer..well really I was sleep.

So yesterday I call him and he tells me he has something for me so he's going to come over before he has to be at work. Yeah he tells me (I was just being pushed around like crazy yesterday).

He comes by and brings me what he had to bring me (a flyer to his picnic for 4th of July)and he looked SOOOOOOOOOOO handsome. He had on his scrubs and I just wanted to lick him. He was all clean shaven, fresh hair cut and smell exceptionally well. I love a sweet smelling man. He is so sweet. I guess I should thik more of US.

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