Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm stupid

Ok, so I had been with my daughter's dad for a year when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Of course, he was so excited that he begged me to get an abortion. He got pissed off when I told him I am having her with or with out him because I had cervical cancer and this might be the only child I may ever have.

Eventually, he tells me that he's oso happy about it. Rolling my eyes and shaking my head

He ran out and told everyone he saw that he got that bitch he's been living with pregnant. He's telling his family he hates that bitch he's been living with. He's complaing to his friends that that bitch he's been living with is always telling him what she thinks he should do. The whole time he's coming home and rubbing my belly and singing it songs and kissing me and bringing me my plate in the bed and fixing me breakfast and putting the sheets in the dryer to warm them up for me.

Shes almost two now and i just realized that he is just a vacum.

his life goal is to see how much he can use women.

for the time that we were together i loved his dirty socks, i loved him when he was sweaty, when he was sick, when he acted like he didn't love me, i mean there was nothing i wouldnt do for him and just now i realized that he never felt that way about me.


i was just someone he was using to get somewhere else.

Come to find out he cheated on me when I was eight months pregnant.

A month ago, all of a sudden he's interested in trying to "get back together" whatever that means and I, being the dumb ass that I can sometimes be, decided go ahead and take his stupid ass back.

What do I expect, but three weeks later he asks me if he can move back in with me because his sister is kicking him out.
I told him 'no' and he hasn't called me since.

He's so fucking sorry.

I can just see myself having to apologize to my daughter about how stupid her father is.

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Duchess said...

That is terrible girl. I hope that you are not still with him. I will continue to read on...