Monday, June 21, 2004

for real doe.

So Friday night I get off of work with the intention of hitting up my fav late night spot...Walmart. But when I called the homegirl Muq she was bullshittin around about going.

By the time Muq gets to my house, I have already made plans with rickroc. So she and I hang out; while waiting for him to arrive.

My girl Muq is a trip. She is one of the few people, I know, that make me laugh more than myself. (I know that sounds concieted but I am one funny ass girl.)

So Rickroc comes over with food(Baja Fresh) and entertainment (the DVD "50 first dates") and I provide the libation (pink panties...the kind you drink...I mean the kind with liquor).

You know I never really looked at him before. He is very cute. Dark skin, muscular build, nice teeth, pretty smile, he's a nurse so he's gentle (except he does do "the Claw", circa "Liar,Liar" with Jim Carey, that irritates the hell out of me, I think he has really big fingers so he doesn't realize he's poking me so hard.)clean cut, very handsome guy. He's dreamy.

We I watch the movie (Rickroc fell asleep, he worked a 16 hour shift.) and then we fell asleep blistfully on my couch. He wakes me up around 4a.m. and I'm frantic (becuase I think I may have been snoring) and diorientated and he starts kissing me (and for true the shit was feeling way too good) the next thing I know my shirts' off and we're about to do it. I had to stop it. I say Waaaaaiiiittt a minute, bud. What's going on here? Hold your horses. (well maybe not like that but you feel me)He was really sweet about it and we ended up fallin back to sleep. Dreamy.

Now should I second think my lack of belief in what seems to be becoming a real relationship? Should I start to see Rickroc as a for true boyfriend type deal? What's the dealyo here?

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