Friday, June 18, 2004


April 24th is My homegirl Martinez's birthday. So we all went out. I wore PomPomm shorts and "Beyoncesc" white pumps. I was looking way too cute for anybody to tell me different.

On my way from my apartment to the car, I'm stopped by this tall, dark, handsome man. He's yummy but not someone I'd normally date.

He introduces himself, asks for my phone number and says maybe he and I could go out sometime. I look at him and to my self I think he's prolly a little young for me. But then he smiles and the biggest GOD kissed dimple appears in his sea of chocolate skin.
And I melted. It didn't matter how old he was, I just handed him whatever he wanted.

Come to find out he just turned 20 the week after Valentine's Day.

I know, I'm going to jail. My friends have slyly named him Catchacase becuase I will prolly end up in jail for this.

So he and I have been "talking" (see to see why talking is in "")for all this time and I've really been avoiding going out with him.

He calls me last night and says "We're going out Saturday." I, of course am stunned at his bluntness. "What???" I say. He says "We're going out. You're going to wear a skirt and heels and I am going to come pick you up and we're going out."

So I guess the MAN has spoken and we're going out.

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Duchess said...

That is hot! I LOVE when dudes do things like that.