Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ahhh, a hermit's life for me.

I know the song is really about pirates; but, who wants to be a pirate?

So I hate meeting new people.

I think when if I get married it will be to someone I have already met.

Or I've already met him and he wasn't right for me at that time and now the time has surpassed us.

I went to my nephew's graduation today (elementary school). Yeah, yeah, it was great; but what I want to focus on is the fact that my sister is still in love with her son's father.

She's dresssssssed. Strappy up shoes and all. She's standing, a little to close for comfort, next to him. She's leaning over a little further than usual so that he accidentally on purpose sees her breast. She's cheeeese smiling at everything he says. She tells my nephew a little too enthusiastically "let's go find your dad."

It's amazing how we women are. We will find hope in the slightest of things. During graduation she leans over to me, "you see him when I hugged him?" This man is married has a brand new baby and has been with his wife for years. You'd think big sis would come to grips with it.

Nope, Just last month big Sis got drunk for her birthday and sat on her livingroom floor crying about how much she still loves him.

My home girl Martinez is still in love with her daughter's father. He's married...has a baby and seems happy.

I'm surrounded by women in love with love.

I'm going to go out and find me some woods and stick my self in them.

A hermit's life for me.

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